Publisher Profile: Cinco Puntos Press

Cinco Puntos Press website


Founded in 1985 by Bobby Byrd and Lee Merrill Byrd, Cinco Puntos Press is located in El Paso, Texas, and began its life by focusing on fiction and nonfiction for adults and children that was centered on the U.S/Mexico border, relationships between the United States and Mexico, and bilingual or immigrant stories and narratives. Winner of several National Endowment for the Arts grants, Cinco Puntos has published a wide range of poetry, nonfiction, and novels. Its best-selling book has been Joe Hayes’ La Llorona: The Weeping Woman, a picture book which retells a tragic Mexican ghost story. Since 2010, Cinco Puntos Press has expanded their selection of YA materials, particularly fiction about young women of color. Cinco Puntos is distributed by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution.

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The two most notable recent YA books from Cinco Puntos Press are Rani Patel in Full Effect by Sonia Patel (William C. Morris Award Finalist, starred Kirkus Review, Kirkus Best Teen Books 2016, NYPL Best Teen Books 2016) and Gabi: A Girl In Pieces by Isabel Quintero (Winner of William C. Morris Award, 2015 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults, Booklist Best Books of 2014, starred Kirkus review, Teen Librarian Toolbox glowing review). Both of these books focus on the perspective of teenage girls navigating others’ judgement of their bodies, complicated interpersonal relationships, abuse, adults’ drug addictions, and immigrant identity, and both use vivid and evocative but accessible first-person prose. Both books are available in all NYC library systems. 


Another more recent book by Sonia Patel, Jaya and Rasa Fall In Love, focuses on two Hawaiian Gujrati teenagers, one of whom is a trans boy; it received fewer accolades, but takes on similarly heavy themes.

Cinco Puntos Press has a website which includes updated details on all of their work, organized into Books For Kids, Books for Young Adults, Poetry, Fiction, Graphic Novels, and First Concepts (a series of cardboard photo-books of Mexican folk art intended to introduce babies to concepts like color and form). Potential readers can further filter their searches to display more specialized genres, like Chicano Literature. However, not all elements of their website seem up-to-date. The 2015 YA catalog for Cinco Puntos Press, which is the most recent catalog present on their website, is available here.
Cinco Puntos also has an Instagram, which updates frequently, and a Twitter which also posts with reliable frequency.


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